Simplest way set up bridge networking in KVM-Qemu and VMM

The simplest way to provide network access to Virtual Machines with in LAN and outside world in KVM-Qemu is by setting up a virtual bridge.
( You can directly create bridge through VMM but I was facing hell a lot of issues with the bridge when i created it by using VMM, hence i followed this method. :-)) 
Plus you can not directly bridge your default interface “eth0” as you do with virtualbox so additional bridged interface is needed in KVM.

Following are the steps to set up a bridge

  1. In the /etc/network/interface file add following line to create additional interface linked to default one (eth0 here)
iface br0 inet static
bridge_ports eth0

2. sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart , 
You will find another interface named “br0” in ifconfig.

3. If you are still not able to access Internet through your machine set up the “nameserver” in /etc/resolve.conf file. Set up the nameserver of your lab or try with

4. You can now add a brdige to KVM directly through VMM GUI. While starting the VM opt for Bridge mode and add “br0” as the interface.

5. Inside the VM provide manual ip address, default gateway and dns servers. I had to set the IP from the addresses our lab is provided with.

6. You can verify the correctness by checking the reachability of host and VMs to other hosts and VMs in the LAN and also to Internet.