An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments

I happened to see Ali Almossawi’s AMA about his new book on Reddit. It seemed interesting and so I explored the author’s book further. I started reading his first book — this one. The premise showed promise — An illustrated book to explain logical fallacies to newbies. It is a short read — about 15 minutes.

But, I am disappointed. The illustrations are not explanatory — rather they give an example while looking whimsical. The accompanying text is also nothing special. The content in this book is available for free on the author’s website — and also for sale on amazon. It is definitely not worth your money. I am not getting into what will make this book better as there is so much that is missing or not done properly.

Just for reference, I have linked the fallacies page from wikipedia. I think it does a much better job of explaining the fallacies.

Originally published at Digital Amrit.