Best Books in 2018

The books below are based on what I read in 2018. Some of them were not published in 2018 and there many more out there which I did not get a chance to read or recommend.

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General Life Lessons 21 Lessons for the 21st Century Tuesdays with Morrie Management Creativity Inc. Get It Done Selling Way of the Wolf Artificial Intelligence Life 3.0 Science We Have No Idea Pandora’s Lab Meteorology The Coming Storm (Audible) Archaeology The Lost City of the Monkey God OKRs Measure What Matters Radical Focus Product Management Product Roadmaps Relaunched Product Management in Practice For Working Women The Myth of the Nice Girl

Fiction (Series)

Action Scot Harvath Will Robie Detective Fiction/Police Procedural Harry Bosch Courtroom Drama Mickey Haller LitRPG Euphoria Online Fantasy-Satire The Dragon Lords Fantasy — Epic Amra Thetys Fantasy — Gods & Myth Paternus Fantasy — Young Adult William Worde Spellslinger Special Mentions Chasing Graves

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