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“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”

But I believe beauty lies in our hands. (After all, it’s you and I who do those rigorous, daily beauty regimes!) Beauty is a very subjective term. For ones worshipping the superficial, beauty is being pretty, while for the romantics and philosophers, beauty is what lies on the inside.

For me, until two months back, the apparent choice was to delve into detailed comparative analyses of the overcrowded market of mind-boggling beauty brands, to skim the best of creams, lotions, shampoos, hair sprays, make-up products, oils, and the works, for my beauty regime. So what changed?

A simple replacement of all the luring, time and space consuming Beauty Products Overload, with YOGA!

In its report on the FMCG industry, dated September 2016, IBEF has estimated that nearly 59% of revenues of FMCG are coming from skin care, hair care, oral care, health supplements! ASSOCHAM in its report on the cosmetics and beauty industry, prepared in July 2016, lays down staggering figures to portray our increasing reliance on products! You can find it here: http://www.assocham.org/newsdetail.php?id=5792

So why become comfortable with spending over 20% of your disposable income on cosmetics and beauty care procedures, when the power to sculpt your beauty lies in your own hands (and feet!)?

In order to save you long hours of research on the right poses for beautiful, glowing skin, I am listing the 10 Yogasanas that you could start benefitting from in only 2 months of regular practice!

1. Surya Namaskar:

The Sun Salutation is the go-to asana of all times. But it has earned that tag righteously. It improves blood circulation, which brings an enviable glow on your face. It helps prevent the onset of wrinkles, making your skin look ageless and radiant.

2. Bhujangasana:

Stress and anxiety has forever been the #1 cause of skin dullness. While this asana helps relieve you of it, it also improves blood and oxygen circulation, especially throughout the spinal and pelvic regions.

3. Halasana:

This asana not only works on improving your digestion and appetite, but also is instrumental in achieving weight optimization.

4. Pranayam:

Pranayam practice helps in oxygenating blood throughout the body, while regulating its flow. Merely thirty minutes of pranayam can make you brains with beauty.

5. Kapalbhati:

This asana, often associated with weight loss, does more than just that. It adds lustre and beauty to your face by generating heat in the system to help dissolve toxins and waste matter.

6. Anulom Vilom:

The alternate nostril breathing ensures that both your nasal tracts are open and treating your lungs to the right amount of oxygen. And as you know, oxygen is life! Try doing it in the morning on an empty stomach. If not then in the evening, minding a good hour’s gap between meals.

7. Padmasana:

This helps calm the brain, while also helping develop a good body posture.

8. Adho Mukh svanasana:

The pose promotes the free flow of energy and nerve information between the body and brain, helping nourish and revitalize cells throughout the body while clearing out waste products.

9. Dhanurasana:

This pose opens up the chest, neck and shoulders, tones the leg and arm muscles. It is a great stress and fatigue buster.

10. Sarvangasana:

This asana relieves the body of stiffness, while working on the skin shrinking, dullness and wrinkles. Feel your skin bloom out of age! Regular practice of this yoga pose brightens the eye sight, diminishes dimness in hearing and improves the power of smelling in nose.

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