500s’ and 1000s’

I will be happy to live without cash till the ATM’s start working again .

I will be happy to stay with minimum or no cash until December the 30th .. Yes I am too lazy to wait in a Queue to collect the cash from an ATM and too lazy to be in a Bank .. I guess I would rather pay some one to do it for me ..

Who has the time for this ?

Well , I am looking at it in a different way right now.

I look at it as an opportunity to go back to minimization.

Why didn’t I do it myself ? Why was it the Government banning the currency and not me not using it ?

Anyway , I have a chance to clearly see the difference between my need and my greed ,

To go back to minimum , not to save money but to understand I do not need so much that I have . .

It is a chance to avoid eating outside and cook for myself . .

It is a chance to avoid watching a movie in a theater and rather play some strings at home or watch the TV with my family

It is a chance to take the first step to quit smoking or stop boozing .. because i have a wallet with some 500’s and 1000’s and I have no patience to stand in a bank for hours.

It is an opportunity to write a story about , What if ? What if , there was no money ? What if there were no boundaries ? What if fairies exist ? What if my life is just a dream ?

It is an opportunity that shouts out LOUD to find happiness within and understand everything external is just clutter ..

It is a realization that the piece of paper we are running after is really virtual and reality lies far far away ..

It is time to get back to the basics !! I have missed my life enough .

More money is to happiness and less is to sadness

Well here it is , No money is to PEACE!!

- Kartik Agarwal