All’s well that ends well

It is a bad start. It has to be a bad day.

The uber driver was going in circles. He looked back at me like a helpless puppy. Google maps should start showing road blocks for construction activities. As i contemplated how much I needed to pay him even after my discount coupon, he halted the car at a dead end.

Anna, just drop me from where I can walk towards the college” I said.

“This is not near” he mumbled in his Tamil accented english.

I always had a notion that reporting is observation first and interrogation later. I observed a group of students going towards the left of our car.

Anna, SRM college?” I asked.

We were at the back gate.

SRM university, Ramapuram is although smaller in area as compared to usual ‘SRMstandards’, it gives room to breathe as it has less buildings and more trees. After asking a couple of people I gathered that the event was at a certain TRP auditorium.

And I had already missed half of it.

The event called ‘Quest ‘17’ was a one day annual management meet which gave MBA students and aspirants across various colleges in Tamil Nadu an opportunity to showcase their managerial zeal. The event consisted of games and activities to find the best managerial teams and talents.

After sneaking into one of the halls to listen to the chief guest’s final words, I got out to catch hold of a student administrator. As the games were simultaneously happening in three of the halls, it was difficult to keep up with the urgency of the place. the clock was ticking.

I introduced myself to the very first guy I saw in formals and luckily Mahizhan knew the treasurers and managers of the event. After brief but informative interactions with the core managers of Quest ’17 and walking with them as they made sure that every event and activity happened smoothly, I sighed relief as I finally had a story.

Back in the cab, I saw that the Uber guy had taken a wrong right just close to home.

I put my earphones and slept.

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