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How CBSE almost tried to ruin my future

As I spread yesterday’s newspaper over my bed(just a mattress), to prevent the crumbles of rice from my ‘single biriyani’ which could possibly fill the stomaches of three bachelors on a ‘bhook hadtal’. My glance fell on the headlines. I had read it last morning, between my thoughts of going back to sleep. It talked about how CBSE needed a lesson in arithmetics and how it had miscalculated marks for upto 400% in some cases. Instances like students who scored a 48 in history, ended up scoring a 98 after revision were stated in the article.

For exactly ten minutes, I rest my head on the wall behind. Waiting for my string of timeline to form. I vividly remembered, it was the month of June. And as advised by most of my friends at school, watching television on the day of results is a sure shot way to take your mind off. Though my eyes constantly shifted from the screen to the ticking clock.

As the time approached I opened my desktop, got the CBSE site reloaded accurately infinite times. Finally, it loaded, fell like a vertical theatre curtain, it started off with a 6, which I thought was maybe 9 doing a sheershasan. But it was not. I had scored a 69 in English(pardon my grammatical errors in this article). I had scored bad in my favourite subject. The subject on whose diacritics I appeared tall infront of my math cousins when they could only stand on tables.

I think after doordarshan, this is the logo I hate the most.#don’tsueme.

I remembered not talking to anyone, lying on the sofa, looking at the ceiling as the water cooler made sounds like an old man shivering naked under a snowfall. I was patiently waiting, like a wounded soldier for the vultures.

Incessant pleas from my family were of no help. My parents had made ‘ It is not 69 beta, it is 96, they did a mistake’ their morning adage. But from ‘ The examiner doesn’t know english’ to ‘ you might have written something very difficult’, nothing could bring back the pieces of my shattered confidence from under the table.

My debatable dream of doing English honours from Delhi University disintegrated like a sand castle too. I didn’t apply. I was broken. My self esteem was probably reading Chetan Bhagat novels.

Meetings were held, my father for the first time became a part of an informal union of fathers to try and bring marks from the system.( Yes, fact, it was not just me who scored less, it was around 20 people from my school) I did get extra marks, I got two , a 71. Needless to say, I never went back to get the revised report card.

I won’t say that I blame CBSE for bringing my confidence down. Or I will emphasise the fact that before that I never had scored less in my favourite subject of english. I would just say that there was a little belief in my head that maybe I did some mistakes in the paper to deserve such marks. But after reading the article, I am just curious.

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