Face your fears.

Everyone makes mistakes, at some point or other, however the difference lies in the way in which the people deal with the mistakes they made. Some see them as just another hiccup and others take them too seriously. I am of the latter kind.

I am 21 presently and study law at a reputed university however it was only very recently that I was able to comprehend the issue that I have been dragging since my childhood. The fear of making mistakes.

Just like any kid belonging to a lower middle class family, I had a decent though lonely childhood. I was not the most likable person in any group. My opinions, unlike others, did not hold much weightage. And after much improvement, the traces of this are still there.

This seclusion from the masses did provide me the opportunity and time to learn things which I, otherwise, would not have, however, it created a compulsion in me to please everyone I was engaged with because I thought that it was the only way to retain people around me and to make myself wanted. The mental constraint to perfect any task to the extent of others’ pleasure or to meet everyone’s exepectations became a propensity. And eventually, I was too scared to fail or disappoint.

Even though this created a lot of issues and was instrumental in many life decisions, I was not aware of it until now.

I carried this feeling all along, whether I was studying to clear a competitive exam at the coaching centre which I eventually left because I was not doing well and I could not look the teachers in their eyes or my recent stint a legal intern where I made a small error but was too scared to confront and ultimately, terminated the internship early. But now, I wish to change.

I don’t want to run away anymore. I don’t want to give up on the things just because I could not meet someone’s exceptations. I don’t want to be enslaved by the fear of making mistakes. And I working towards it.

If you find repeating a similar behaviour in similar conditions, spend some time with yourself. Ask yourself what is it that you are afraid of. Ask yourself is it how you would like yourself to be, a quitter. Because if you don’t want to keep running away from things and missing out on opportunities because of your fear, then the only way is to face it !

Remember that the work you do is not the only consideration, your honesty and conviction towards your work are equally important. Even if you make a mistake, it can be rectified. The best thing to do is to approach the mistake made and make an honest attempt to amend it. This would make you confident and help you weed out the fear. Never give up on improving and have faith in yourself. You never know, when things mights turn your way.

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