A Guide To Marketing To Millennials In India-Kartikey Bhargava

  1. Understand this first of all: your market is well-informed. The reason some traditional marketing methods like banner and TV ads don’t work as well nowadays is that millennials are tech savvy and marketing smart. This may be because 35% of them are already running their own business but it’s more likely because they have a greater thirst for knowledge and plenty of resources at hand. Don’t underestimate their intelligence.
  2. Marketers who try to veil their advertising may well get short shrift. Millennials want a direct message and they want to know why they should buy your product. They don’t want something hidden in mysticism or emotion. They might share it but it doesn’t mean they’re going to buy unless you set out a good, compelling reason. They’re busy and have short attention spans — that means you need to get your message down to the bare bones and keep it focused.
  3. Millennials are the ultimate online purchasers. If you don’t have it available online, then you’re not going to reach this demographic. Not only that, you need to make it easy to purchase and including existing services like Paypal and autopay systems are a must.
  4. Millennials like to talk and engage online and if your social media or advertising doesn’t create an environment for that, you’re going to be struggling uphill all the time. Get them talking, hopefully about your product, and you’re onto a winner.
  5. Quality and service are paramount add-ons for any business. It needs to be sleek, easy to access, highly responsive and designed to help. This is one area of business development that has improved dramatically over the last decade — that’s largely down to millennials who are quite prepared to up sticks and go somewhere else if they don’t get the help and advice they want.
  6. Finally, don’t stand still. Marketers who think they’ve got the right approach will soon be left behind. Millennials are constantly redefining the landscape and, if you aren’t prepared to learn and change with them, you will quickly find yourself losing ground.There’s no doubt that marketing effectively to millennials in India is important. The consumer world has changed at a fast rate and continues to do so. It may be complex and is certainly constantly reworking itself and delivering the right, integrated marketing strategy can yield huge rewards.



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Kartikey Bhargava

Kartikey Bhargava

AKA www.TheMarketingFella.com, Marketing Strategist, Digital Dreamer, Web 3.0 Crawler, Ex Celebrity Agent, Ex Ad Guy, Living At The Speed of Light