Jahiba — Young, Brave, Broken

On a rather cold winter morning, wind flew by the chimes, creating a wave of soothing music. Jahiba clutched her blanket even tighter than before. Last night had been somewhat disastrous for her dreary soul. Her parents broke the news of their separation, her favourite blanket had blood spots on it, and her dog, well; he was missing. With mosquitoes biting her all night, and countless thoughts razing through her mind, sleep was the last thing on her mind.

Jahiba was the unusual kind. One moment, she’d be all chirpy and happy; another moment, she’d sit on the loneliest bench in the garden and look at the glistening grass endlessly. One moment she’d be the brightest mind in the room; another moment, her dog would have more IQ than her.

Some minds are different than others. They embody a slew of thoughts that do not justify the set rules of the world. They do not hold importance in the so called society of good people. Jahiba was one such mind. Born to a devout Muslim family, she was an atheist who drank, smoked, and did everything her religion denounced.

She tried but could not come to terms with the fact that her parents, who were this perfect couple, were parting. She cried endlessly. Her sweet little puppy was nowhere to console her. She was broken and wretched. However, there was more bad news awaiting her.

Her father confessed that while he and her mother were fighting, her dog was infuriating them. In sudden anger, he threw the nearby lying chair on him and there he laid, all bloody, gasping for breath. She ran out in the backyard where they buried him. Digging the mud from her bare hands, she broke down into tears. It was as if the world had ended for her. Her vision became blurry and she fainted on the grave of her dog.

When Jahiba woke up, she realized what had just happened. Although, instead of breaking down yet again, she did the complete opposite. For she wasn’t like just another girl; she was a rebel. In this beautifully damaged world of hers, she was a young, brave yet broken soul. Learning to feel again, learning to love again, in the all the ways she had forgotten. In this world of darkness, she wanted to dance in the sun, yet again.