Yes, I think that each one of us has a story inside our heads that is waiting to be told to the public at large. It can be about the struggles that you’ve had to overcome in the past, a friend who did so or about a socio-cultural issue that is close to your heart and touches you deeply.

With the help of technology, it has become very easy to make videos for YouTube, write for Medium, record podcasts and seamlessly publish it into the ocean of data that is constantly growing at a humungous rate. …

When was the last time you did what you really wanted to do? Something that society looked down upon implicitly. Something that your parents maybe didn’t necessarily approve of. I’m not talking about doing something anti-social or criminal, but something unconventional. Something out of the ordinary, that led you out of your comfort zone but, at the same time, brought you closer to your true self.

It’s tragic that many times we are brought down by societies’ expectations in our pursuit of something much bigger than that momentary condemnation by others.

I think Casey Neistat put it in the best…

2019….huh…it already seems like a long one and January hasn’t even come to an end.

To give you a little context about me, you random Medium Reader, I am a lawyer by training, yes…I complete a 5-year degree in Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws this year from a highly reputed institution in the capital of India, Delhi and now I’ve decided to throw it all away for a profession that I absolutely know nothing about.

How did I get here? Good question. And I do have an answer, but it’s a complex one, so brace yourself.

Let’s go…

I was recently having a conversation with a friend about ‘writing’ and she told me that it has been on her bucket list to write about stuff that she finds intriguing or of any value to share with the world but whenever she thinks about doing it, she’s stopped from actually taking action because she’s not able to comprehend as to what it is that she should be writing about and even if she has gone past that barrier of deciding a topic, it is excruciatingly hard for her to streamline her thoughts into a simple-to-read, digestible narrative.

It has…

I remember when I first learnt about the Earth’s ability to rotate on its own axis and revolve around an elliptical orbit. I guess I learnt this in the 4th standard, but even then when the teacher taught further that this rotation and revolution happens for 24 hours a day for 365 days, I was amazed at the sheer level of consistency. But at the same time, I was bemused.

My 10-year old brain compelled me to ask the following two questions to myself:

  1. Why am I not shaking if the Earth is indeed rotating and revolving at this very…

Minimalism = Bliss

“Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from it.” — Joshua Becker

If you were to ask me, “What is the biggest need of the 21st century?”. My answer would probably be “Minimalism”.

What does the term mean and why do we need it so badly? But before that let me provide you with a premise that might help you to interpret and understand this issue a little better.

I’m of the strong opinion that human kind has always valued “goods” over everything else since the industrial revolution…

The shock of Anthony Bourdain’s death has just started to sink in…almost a day and a half after his demise. What makes the whole premise more unbelievable is the knowledge of the fact that he committed suicide. I take some relief in knowing though that his contributions and commitment to his work have not gone unnoticed by the world at large and that he was always appreciated for what he did not only after his sudden death but even before it.

This article is not just a way to remember him or applaud his contributions but also a way to…

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