SheLovesToDoLaundry — A successful laundry service with a sexist name

This week I review a product which is very different from the usual technology products.

Here’s how I came across it. Last month, I stayed at Hilton Bonnet Creek in Orlando. They had a 3rd party company, SheLovesToDoLaundry,which provided the laundry service. There are quite a few startups attempting a similar service(Cleanly — YCombinator backed, Starchup) and some of them have already failed (Prim).

SheLovesToDoLaundry has done remarkably well partnering with the top hotels in Orlando such as Hilton, The Westin, Four Seasons etc.

Their key difference from the other startups— their strong customer base.

Most of the startups are attempting to provide laundry service to customers at their homes. Whereas SheLovesToDoLaundry serves customers who stay at hotels.

Their strong customer base was a stark contrast to their tech stack — which can sometimes be a needless focus for a lot of startups initially.

Their laundry service was excellent with a turnaround time of 48 hours. Also, very importantly they didn’t have a logistical nightmare as they had to pickup and deliver only to the hotels.

There are a few aspects they could still improve on — their asynchronous process flow and the user experience.

The “pickup, payment and delivery” process required a lot of back and forth communication with the their team through email or text. Their customer service was poor at times as they were unable to handle too many requests at a time. The asynchronous process resulted in a harrowing experience for the user. The poorly designed interface didn’t help the user experience.

SheLovesToDoLaundry website

I created a mock prototype to streamline and automate the process flow. Also, I improved the user experience for the customers by providing an optimal viewing experience with minimal but necessary input from the user. You can check out the complete redesign here. — A new look to SheLovesToDoLaundry

In addition to the redesign, replicating the model to other cities can help them quickly grow the product. Also, changing the name of the company would be important for their brand!

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