Feeling Alive !!!

In this routine monotonous life, there is a constant need for change. You have that feeling of helplessness for being stuck in the loop of boredom.

We often say “Happiness is a state of mind” and it is true to an extent. But we forget human mind is very hard to control. It gets distracted and one cannot attain self control easily.

On a personal note, failures and disappointment actually paved me the way for self control. I expected the world to play fair,since I play fair with everyone. I took these failures in positive stride and this lead me to the path of success.

Having no expectations has brought more peace and calmness in my life.It is very important to have your loved ones close to you ( whether is your spouse, parents or siblings). They are your actual strength and the support you need.

My supervisor always used to tell me “There will be rainy days, after that only Sunny days will come”. Life is also combination of these days.

We never know how much time we have left,hence it’s better to live our life in joy and happiness.

Work will always be there, so take a break!!!Spend time with your loved ones ,travel new places. Break the shackles of this routine life.

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