Purpose !!!

Sometimes I wonder what is my purpose in life. Is it what society has defined ,get a good education,marry and settle down and have kids. And rest of the life spend developing their future.

If I look around, this is what I find in real world. Initially in my childhood I thought my purpose was to score good marks.The society evaluated children based in their scores.

As I completed my college,I understood it is merely grades to get into a good job.

But there is nothing like a good job, you need to develop the positive attitude towards any job. Learning is a never ending process,as long you are ready to learn and open to adapt for change, any job can provide you mental satisfaction.

But even getting a good job did not define my purpose. As years passed by my parents insisted getting married was my purpose.

But after marriage , I was not sure if it is my purpose. As years passed and I got intellectually matured. I realised there is no defined purpose in our lives. We need to find it , and I found my purpose by living for others.

Living for my closed and dear ones is my purpose. Trying to be happy irrespective of the any bad situation, nothing effects me.

As sense of fulfilment I get when I see my loved ones in all smiles. We do not need to go to lonely place and meditate to find our purpose.

Just ask your heart 😃 and follow !!!

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