Apple Event Celebrates Storytelling

20th March is World Storytelling Day, and the week is celebrated as the World Storytelling Week. #AppleEvent is the perfect event to witness this week, as it incorporates the tenets of storytelling in the most profound way. Let me explain this better.

Storytelling engages the audience

The event opens with a 40-second video - 40 in 40, that celebrates Apple’s 40th birthday on 1st April. Tim Cook starts off the event with something everyone in the audience is familiar with — the recent iPhone security issue that Apple is fighting with the US Government (read Tim Cook’s letter). He starts by reaffirming his and Apple’s position by stating that they care about their users, YOU, the most. People expected Tim Cook to talk about this issue, and he did it so nicely, the apple way.

The story nicely continues into how Apple cares about the environment. What really matters here is the message that “We are just like you, and care about the environment we all live in”. This brings in inclusivity and makes the audience (and users) part of a community they can relate to.

The third part to the amazing storytelling is when Apple goes on to talk about Health. The story goes on to tell how Apple wants YOU to be healthy, and take care of family members with Parkinsons.

Apple has by now established the connection with its audience and users. If Apple now told you it was building a refrigerator, you would buy! That’s because YOU are already sold into Apple’s vision and spirit.

Following this, Apple nicely switches into products. The nylon band for iWatch isn’t a big deal, but the fact that the price points are lowered is key. Apple TV’s capability to help you organize content and secure them with a password is key. Notice that these essentially are still riding on the promises made in the earlier part of the presentation.

Here are some key takeaways from the rest of the presentation:

iPhone SE

A9 chipset, M9 motion processor, 12MP iSight camera, 4K video, 802.11ac Wifi, ApplePay, Environment-friendly materials (notice how Apple now closes the loop on environment)

iOS 9.3

Night Sleep — helps YOU sleep better, helps YOU Password-protect Notes

iPad Pro 9.7inch

True-Tone Display, 2x Audio Output as compared to iPad Air 2, A9x chipset, M9 motion processor, “Podcast from an iPad Pro”, 12MP Camera, Environment-friendly materials (again, notice how Apple now closes the loop on environment)

Tim Cook nicely summarizes the story, and nicely gives a glimpse of what the future beholds — the new Apple campus. He goes on to say something in the lines of “iPod was announced in this room, and this is the last product introduction happening today” to strike a nice and emotional touch to end the presentation.

Overall, the #AppleEvent is the best event to have in the week of 20th March, the World Storytelling Week!

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