This piece was born more out of surprise than anything else. Given how much we take modularity for granted, I assumed it would be a first class concept in something as widely popular as Alembic(which for the record is quite stellar and I have enjoyed working with it).

The goal here is to share an approach to this problem that’s worked well for my team and hopefully save you a few nights along the way.


Track a project’s applications’ migrations separately, both conceptually and in alembic.


If you’ve worked with a recent version of Django, you’ll agree handling migrations there…

If they shot a movie about your life, what genre would it be

It’s not everyday that you get thrown in with a group of total strangers and told ‘Hey, you gotta make this work’. It does help though if the people are a friendly, challenging bunch. You quickly get endeared to them and soon enough, you’re in love. These short stories don’t do any of them justice, but, hey, I tried.

Mystery and Action

Probably the most all round person I know, well save for the being single part, Ben is very single. Ben values friendship. Ben values fun. Ben is big on life. Ben is good. And when I say good I mean both…

Dear Lincoln,

“No. I’m not. I don’t like using it. I’m an introvert.”

If my nose grew longer every time I heard that statement, I’d be Pinocchio. There seems to be a growing thing where people suddenly declare they are introverts. And they have always been. Try to convince them otherwise and “no, you don’t get it. You never will.” They are made from different stuff. The rest of us friendly people have some kind of pathetic need to be loved.

Then there’s the;

Oh. So you’re an introvert?” “No. I didn’t say that. …

If you’re like me, you’ve probably run out of silly things to say to your virtual assistant, just to tease that equally silly answer out of it. In all honesty, Africans have never really been early adopters and virtual assistants are something still out of this world for the bulk of us. If you are looking for a symbol of just how far the tech world has come though, then look no farther.
Something that is consistently apparent though is; even while the assistants clearly get ever so smart, they seem quite impressively culturally oblivious, especially in the African context. Why…

Karuhanga Lincoln

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