Amidst the haste…

Blank yet determined faces
 Rush towards a future I cannot see
 The great train of our collective endeavor
 Steams and puffs to imminent disaster
 A train wreck ahead which only the crazy of us see

Staring vacuously at our in-flight entertainment
 We cram every orifice
 And attempt to fill every void
 With our own favourite opiates
 Via which we can avoid

Any semblance of reason
 Any moment of stillness
 Any shattering of ignorance
 Any sharing of tenderness
 For everything within certain parameters it must fall

Any passionate embrace of worthy cause
 Any dogged determination
 Any one pointed intellect
 Any breathtaking beauty
 Recruited it must be, for a price can it be bought

When shall we awaken
 From this God forsaken dream?
 When every refuge becomes refuse
 Shall then we band together?
 Amidst the haste I ask this and with haste I implore your reply

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