“Colin the Barbarian”

‎”Colin the Conqueror” says the Sunday Times, more like “Colin the Barbarian”…

Hard to describe how I’m feeling today…looking out I see grey skies, brown foliage, void of the bright contrast of our ubiquitous blue skies — seems to sum it up nicely. Everything looks and feels lifeless, the bright, shiny veneer somehow stripped back and revealed is something much more tenuous.

Looking inside I see something similar. Unashamedly I’ll admit there is some reflection, sadly some congruency between this grey exterior and my usually bright spirit on this day.

I don’t need any lecture or similar counsel reminding me of the futility of paying any attention to the electioneering process. IT IS a total farce, this “opportunity” we all get to engage in, this pinnacle of western “democracy” that is voting day. That is self-evidently bullshit.

Real democracy would have equal power for all the voices and for all the issues which we collectively face. It wouldn’t be limited to the voices with the deepest pockets or most political power.

Yet the result is real. The trajectory of our society is inevitably effected by this sad result. And perhaps most discouragingly to me, it is a depressing measure of where people’s heads are at.

Ordinary people (should any of them bother) would read this rant and be totally oblivious. “What’s he on about? We live in the most shining example of democracy and wealth this planet has to offer!” they will say or at least think.

The reality that we live in a strong and vibrant outpost for tyranny and exploitation will not even enter their consciousness.

That we live our lives in a bubble of wealth and privilege at the cost and as a result of the exploitation of other human beings and other lifeforms with which we “share” this planet right NOW does not register.

Let alone thinking about the future generations — immediate future generations!! — whom we put EVERYTHING at risk for — as if!!

So conditioned are we to watch out for number one, so much do we lust for our short term happiness via our toxin/opiate of choice, so eager are we to grab onto “our share” of the limited “resources” so that we can “provide” the lifestyle we and “ours” “deserve” — we are literally killing ourselves on every imaginable level.

Physically we poison ourselves, mentally we degrade ourselves, emotionally we cripple ourselves, creatively we prostitute ourselves, socially we divorce and atomise ourselves, spiritually… Spiritually we don’t even know who we are, what we are doing, why we are even going through the motion of existing!

There’s a big, BIG shit heading straight for the proverbial fan and 99% of us here in Perth (and believe me, I appreciate the irony of that figure) are happily going about our business apparently totally oblivious.

At this moment, I’m questioning how many really are oblivious. I’m starting to think that maybe, just maybe, there’s a much larger percentage of people than is comfortable to think about, AREN’T oblivious. A percentage that are just lapping it up, quite consciously and they actually don’t give a fuck. More than that, they’re enjoying watching others suffer.

Despite these gloomy thoughts, I’m equally inspired by the amazing spirit and internal resources of a dedicated handful of people here in Perth that I’m privileged to have witnessed make extraordinary efforts in the face of a mountainous tide of apathy and greed. There are many amazing people working on various “fronts” on our “war on terror” and to each of these people I offer my deepest love and appreciation for your efforts and for the kind of people you aspire to be.

There’s indeed a shit storm on the horizon and my hope is that when it comes it will smash those who need it most leaving those of good will to go about their business less encumbered by the fucktards.

Until then all we can do is keep moving and having fun making the most of whatever opportunities come our way.

And so doing at very least at the end of the day, we’ll be able to look ourselves in the mirror and sleep at night knowing that we’re being true to the ideal within ourselves.

Originally published at neoradical.com.