Izzeldin Abuelaish “Dr #Gaza” — #inspirational

I saw this interview on ABC’s Lateline with Gaza doctor Izzeldin Abuelaish who shared with great passion and vulnerability about the violence on the Gaza strip and of losing three daughters in rocket attacks.

It was heart breaking and deeply moving. I’d been “awakened” to the situation in Palestine for a while and had flirted (fantasised perhaps) with the idea of joining one of the freedom flotillas busting through the Gaza blockade. This interview somehow struck an even deeper note.

I was particularly struck by the attitude of reconciliation and healing which he carried despite the tremendous tragedy of his loss. How many people become bitter and twisted with negativity and hate over the most relatively innocuos of reasons?

Around the time my beloved g-nome project gang recorded an instrumental jam and I thought I’d have a play with mixing some of the interview with the music — it’s pretty raw (on a few levels).


The following is a bit of the transcript from the interview…

Gaza doctor Izzeldin Abuelaish speaks out about the violence on the strip and of losing three daughters in rocket attacks.

He is a Harvard-educated obstetrician respected on both sides of the border.

One night, his home in Gaza came under

Israeli attack.He was due to appear on an Israeli television news show and his situation was broadcast live by telephone to a stunned audience.

DR IZZELDIN ABUELAISH (Subtitles): I wanted to try to save them but they died immediately from head wounds, shalom.

BEN KNIGHT: The doctor’s Israeli friends called the military commanders.

They sent an ambulance to evacuate the doctor’s brother and his seriously-injured 17-year-old daughter to a hospital in Israel.

IZZELDIN ABUELAISH (Subtitles): I am the doctor who treats Israeli patients. Truly this is what you do? This is the peace?

BEN KNIGHT: Three of his daughters and a niece were dead.

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