A pretty reasonable turnout to protect the rights of another species!! … #noWAsharkcull

Maybe we’re (humans that is) aren’t all bad!

It would be great to see a few more of this crew turn out for other EXTREMELY pressing issues though!!

Also, as a vegetarian it mystifies me a little that our speciesism leads to such passionate protection of certain animals whilst we’re happy to exploit, degrade and consume so many others!

Such as… (listed in no particular order)

A big, scary “free trade”/”investor rights”/”corporate coup d’etat” on our horizon (the TPP) and being discussed here — Perth Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Forum 5th February.

Haven’t heard about it? Perhaps you should come along!

Our Aboriginal brothers and sisters, first here in this land and treated as 10th rate citizens — facing issues such as third world living conditions for remote communities, ongoing forced child removal by authorities, deaths in custody, the disgraceful rate of incarceration, the suicide epidemic…. (my expanded thoughts on this here)

The deplorable way we treat refugees, ripping down the scant remains of our native forests and many other environmental genocides, our governments spying on us, our ongoing, unqualified support of American imperialism and warmongering…

How about climate change….we’re kind of looking down the barrel on that one you know?

Anyway, I don’t want to diminish how amazing it was to be there today and be part of a very worthy uprising…hopefully this might be catalyst for more involvement from more people on a wider range of issues.

Massive respect to Natalie Banks (and others) for inspiring work (whom I know for a fact would love to see equal turnout for other issues).

Originally published at neoradical.com.

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