Ten years ago today Australia (as part of a so-called “Coalition of the Willing”) invaded Iraq despite an unprecedented display of (what I guess one would traditionally call) “democracy”. Over 600,000 people hit the streets around Australia protesting our involvement with literally millions of others around the world doing likewise in what Noam Chomsky describes as “the first war in history where there were demonstrations before it began”.

Ten years later, depending on the source, the death toll ranges between 100,000 and over a million. US general Tommy Franks says “we don’t do body counts”.

Ten years ago, George W Bush, supported by British PM Tony Blair and Australia’s John Howard went to war (after an extraordinary propaganda campaign in an atmosphere of post 9/11 fear and hysteria) based largely on the pretense that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had to be removed to stop him providing weapons of mass destruction to terrorist groups.

Ten years later no weapons of mass destruction have been found. A poll taken in 2006 revealed 43% of Americans still believe Saddam Hussein was personally involved in 9/11.

Ten years ago analysts warned governments around the world (yes, even many advisors in the CIA and FBI to the US) that going to war in Iraq would result in massively fuelling fires of unrest and create new terrorist threats for generations to come.

Ten years later General Cosgrove, the man who led Australian forces during the Iraq war says that he is not sure if the conflict made the world a safer place. John Howard says he accepts no responsibility for the invasion or its aftermath.

Ten years later I’m personally horrified at the role Australia played in supporting this most disgraceful action of US imperialism. Obviously at some point people in Australia cared enough about this issue, enough that they hit the streets in unprecedented numbers.

Ten years later there’s no mass call for massive reparations to be paid by the US, us or other invading countries . There’s no mass call from Australians for world leaders (including Howard) to be tried as the war criminals they are — being responsible for aggression against another state and having committed the “ultimate crime” The ultimate crime of invading another country and therefore responsible for all the crimes that followed as a result of that war. There’s no mass call from Australians for our US “allies” to desist from their ongoing imperialist atrocities (such as Obama’s drone strikes).

Until this time perhaps we could support this modest and reasonable initiative and all take the small step of supporting this inquiry by a simple act of “clicktivism”…

Ten years later the Iraq War Inquiry Group consisting of Australians from diverse backgrounds concerned that there has been no in-depth, high-level and independent inquiry into how Australia decided to take part in the invasion of Iraq in 2003 is calling for an Iraq war inquiry in Australia.


Originally published at neoradical.com.

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