The Right to Might

People far away…

As far away as my ipod

As far away as my televsion

Rising up

Rising up

Today’s world order says when the price is right

There is the right to might

But mightn’t those not of the Right

Make right use of their might?

No one Left

Equals no one left

And for the anesthetized majority

Nature is calling…

Nature is calling…


Alas their bladders full of booze

Blissfully ignorant they are of what heads down the toilet

And the more aware of us

Here we sit

Joining an online march

Participating in clicktivism heroics

And whilst we wait, jealous we are of the suffering

That precipitates the emancipation of the masses from their malaise

And meanwhile…

More excited am I

More hopeful am I

More determined am I

I and others

Others and I

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