Unless someone like you…

It’s a week after the Challar Forest weekend “retreat” and I’m still processing what it meant for me, what are the lessons, what it “achieved”.

The weekend didn’t exactly go “as per the brochure”. Important characters in the envisaged stage play had to (through no fault of their own) withdraw at the last moment unfortunately leaving quite a void in the proposed schedule. In essence though the weekend succeeded in bringing people together, connecting with each other, connecting with the forest and importantly connecting with the struggle that is ensuing to protect it.

The highlight of the weekend was unquestionably Robert and
 Selina Eggington’s (of Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation) sharing on Saturday afternoon. Their timeless connection to the forest was tangible in their stirring presence and in the words and wisdom they shared. The great example of their many years of resistance fighting for the dignity of their people and for their sacred land was deeply inspiring for all present.

For those who have “interrupted their lives for our planet” and who are taking direct action to protect the forest I have maximum respect. I cannot speak highly enough of Jess, Dylan, Michael, Sam, Craig and the rest of the WA Forest Alliance whom are making tremendous sacrifice on all our behalf.

The wanton destruction of these beautiful trees in the relentless, mindless pursuit of profit is the epitome of all that is wrong in this world. With the recently released Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report giving an alarming warning again of inaction on climate change, the mission to protect these ancient trees, this ancient ecosystem is urgent.

Experiencing the majesty of these trees, the magic of this unmolested ecosystem should be impetus enough for all of us to rise up in protection. That so many of us are removed from our rightful inheritance of this kind immersion in an untainted natural landscape and of any opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship (let alone sacred connection) is a huge part of the problem.

“Book of the month” for my boys has been Dr Seuss’s The Lorax. The nightly mantra being…

“Unless someone like you
 cares a whole awful lot
 nothing is going to get better
 it’s not”.

Appropriate reading of course in the lead up to this mission but on another level the weekend was more simply an epic (albeit brief) escape from the city for my little family. A taste of a sort of freedom it’s not easy to have access to in the depths of the haste. There is significant sadness in me that being embroiled in various struggles (both personal and bigger picture stuff) we’ve not experienced too many of the kinds of unfettered moments captured in the photo here.

Thanks to all who came along!

Am processing thoughts/plans of similar missions for the future…

Originally published at neoradical.com.