The crowd is still cheering their breaths out and the players still going strong, hanging on merely by the very last ounce of determination driven by adrenaline and still not ready to give in to the inner folly of human to give up. This is what true champions are made up of; not only in sports but in the daily struggles of life. The temptation of giving in to the desire of the flesh to just surrender and accept defeat is counteracted by the will to proceed to the finals. As every drop of sweat is extricated from the veins of the participants, the ardour to outperform the antagonist of their fairy tale and beat him to dust enhances by every second.

The fire is ignited between the two realms as the ball ricochets in the air unsure of its destination. Gravity acts adversely on the ball as the aspirations of people, unsure about which hand will own the ball, fluctuate. The crowd shoots up in hysteria and the auditorium reverberates with cheers and applauses as the player’s battle for the goal. The upsurge running through the public undeniably prove it to be a neck-to-neck competition between Karunya University and Rathinam College.

The common voice heralding karunya is in its peak amplitude. The range of the KCR (Karunya Campus Radio) is so high that no one is able to escape its frequency. From morning devotion to the good night prayer, from small petty talks to interviewing the chancellor, from food to sports and so on KCR has gained so much popularity among both the faculty and students alike that none initiatives taken by the university had gained it so fast.

The presence our beloved Chancellor and the founding family in many of the games featuring the home team was indeed a blessing to receive. We hope that they continue supporting the home team in the upcoming matches. Connect with us as we cover the all-important final day of KEMT 2016. We will be back tomorrow. Do popularize the link #KEMT2016.

Team Impressions

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