Dia Uno interregnum

In the immortal words of Carlos Santana, “There’s never one sunrise same or sunset the same ”.Its significance is reflected as KEMT presides. As Twilight touches the horizon with moon just ebbing around to brighten the night, flood lights are ready to set shadows of Sport peoples on the arena. We can see the disquietude of Karunya for the welfare of girls, as they go back towards their hostel, with the night descending. Whining people who wail over the money thrown at Hamlet Street to bring content to the foodie inside, the furious rehearsals of various crews for the upcoming performances for the inaugural functions and tired faces of participants; KEMT is just warming up.
 Much to our amazement, the epicenter of KEMT, Hamlet Street was not as eventful as we had contemplated. Maybe because it was just the beginning or due to the reduction in the number of stalls compared to its predecessor. Whatever be the reason, we pray things get back on track as soon as possible. The gusty winds carrying good amount of dust blew across our faces as we walked across the fields where sportspeople gave it their all.

The sun may have given up on the athletes, but the crowd has not. Even the final matches of the day had humongous crowd support, rumbling loud and echoing in the various parts of the sports arena.

Witnessing the lion hearted players head back to their “DEN”, some basking in the glory of their victory; while others lamenting over their defeats. The victors head back to rejuvenate themselves for the endeavors that await them tomorrow.

Something that caught our attention, rather unexpected in anatomy, was the various vibrant colors of the player’s jerseys. We know dazzling colored apparel is pretty standard part of a sports tournament, but having said, that some of the colors we saw today were not a part of any nomenclature that we are aware of.

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