The Spectacular Shimmy

Now for the most awaited blog of the series, we bring to you glimpses of the inaugural ceremony. The motivational speech given by our chief guest Dr. A. Amalraj, I.P.S truly inspired the students. We could notice the gush of pride amongst our NCC cadets as he mentioned them in his speech.
Yet we have to admit that the highlight of the event was the mind blowing dance performances by various dance groups. This multicultural event mixed all the vibrant hues you can imagine into a graceful display of harmonious moves blended with thumping music which made even the spectators and the audience join in. First up were the students from Karunya Christian School, whose eloquent dance attracted heavy cheer from the crowd. To follow it up was the performance by the students of Evangeline Matriculation Higher Secondary School adding to glitz and glamour of the evening.
The Choreography of the performance of Karunyans was a majestic blend of numerous dance forms; Hip-Hop, Flamingo, Classical, Freestyle, Dandiya, and not to forget the crowd favourite the Dappan Koothu were a part of this elegant ensemble.
The costumes worn by the dancers were a collage of mellifluous and vibrant colours. Apparels of various ethnicities were showcased in this mega event, which was an alluring addition to the intricacy and dexterity of the dances. The hard work and countless hours of determined and dedicated practice finally paid off and pitched in to the success of the event.
Any event in Karunya is incomplete without divine enlightenment, which was proffered to us within conforms of a heart touching mime performed by the Karunyans. The mime depicted how, the world is captive to sin and how we fall prey to it. The victory of good over evil and grace over sin was aesthetically and entertainingly portrayed.
The icing on the cake was the fireworks, lighting up the sky, filling it up with innumerable twinkles of colours and leaving the crowd awestruck and hungry for more. It was indeed a sumptuous feast to the eyes and the soul.
We are through with the highly anticipated inaugural ceremony, with the tournament into its knockout stages the plot certainly thickens, stay connected with us as we bring to you more scoop from the field.

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