Symphony of sports and skills!

The beats are pumping up the bass. The little ones are tapping their scant feet to the groovy beats. Amidst all the aggression on field, the tense and nail-biting encounters, there are so many of those who are practicing their hearts in order to put up a memorable show. A special shout out to all the performers who are rehearsing countless number of times to make their mark in the limited time frame at their disposal. These sights just integrate the overall excitement hovering in the encompassing.

The live music playing in the Bro DGS Dhinakaran Auditorium is reminiscent of the musicians who played on board The Titanic, soothing everyone and relieving the performers of their anxiety.

The Karunya women’s basketball team on fire. To which lucky lady will the rebound favour to?? The match between Karunya University and Amman College of Arts and Sciences. Onlookers are wondering who would take the ball and throw it into the basket.

Recognized as the national game of India, though not popular at the present trend, KEMT embraces this energetic sport wholeheartedly. Who will take the ball? Running for the ball with all their speed.

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! These words recited like a mantra not only decides the winner but also sets the mood.

The fight of their life for that ball.

P.S. — Not to forget folks, today is the International World Peace Day. Amidst all the warlike hostility displayed by the teams, we wish all the players could attain inner peace which would calm the raging emotions in them and help them deal with today’s developments.

Team Impressions

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