“Hey, it’s time to bounce…

Get your wheels on to Hamlet Street…

Burger, pizza, coca cola into your food pipe to blow a high vibe… “

Wondering what these sick beats refer to? Of course! IT’S THE HAMLET STREET!

To all the foodies out there, HAMLET STREET has officially started by 12pm near the KEMT arena just hours before the inauguration ceremony. The crowd in the Hamlet Street displays its popularity all over Karunya. A huge round of applause to the people in Hamlet Street as they never stop to amaze us with their marketing stunts. Happy signs of Hungry Birds (yes, you heard it right), rap music along with EDM tracks and tantalizing aroma of food wafting through the air creating stimuli in ones taste buds. Even calm and timid fellow Karunyans changed their entire persona on being a salesperson for the wide array of stalls. Delicacies of various sorts that can make you crave for food like never before are waiting all present. For every student who has to bend along with the regular hostel food, Hamlet Street is turning into a chow paradise. This paradise also turns into the abode for all people to meet up as everyone is engrossed in various activities. The irony of the story is that even familiar faces twists their smile into a smirk as the realization dawns upon us that they have the menu cards in their hands and are charging like raging bulls towards us for an order. It is quite disheartening to know that the craving we have for food and the money we have in our pocket does not go hand in hand.

Make your own chillers on shedding just 90 bucks from your pocket! Treat yourself with a burger at the bare minimum cost of 50! And do not forget to miss on to the biryani combo with diet coke at a nominal price of 100.

So feed yourself to the fullest and don’t worry about the calories you would be gaining because it is worth it!

P.S. — Do not fill yourself with these appetizing thoughts; coming up very shortly is the inaugural ceremony. It’s going to be awe-inspiring!

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