The main ground is all decorated to welcome the opening ceremony. People are getting ready for the most iconic event of KEMT. The stallions are being prepared for the spectacle by the NCC wing and the atmosphere looks like suddenly life has sprouted from the very ground itself. There are a lot of cultural events being practiced and rehearsed again and again for you people to have a feast for your eyes on today evening’s gala event.

The matches on the other hand are also ascending quite in the happy road with the athletes running their spirits off on the track and the players ever so meticulously focused on scoring goals and points. This afternoon, unlike most of the afternoons in Karunya, is going to be the busiest of all with the sound of people rushing, not for classes of course but to Bro. D G S Dhinakaran Auditorium.

The canopies set up for the crowd were filled quickly and in no time the ground was buzzing with people from all strata’s of our university. From tiny toddlers to venerable kin amassed near the sports complex to be a spectator of the inaugural ceremony. The various dignitaries arrived and the ceremony began emphatically with the lighting of the ingenious torch, which signalled the start of the mega event. This was followed by the honorary treading of the horses mounted by the Karunyans. It was succeeded by the marching of the NCC Cadets honouring our National Flag. The Chief Guest acknowledged the parade with the other luminaries on the dais. The convention came to an end with our honourable Chancellor, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran releasing the doves, signifying the spirit of sportsmanship and peace.

No inaugural function is complete without the cultural performances which enhances the ambiance of the commemoration.

Team Impressions

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