The sun has shed its glimmer on the glitz of KEMT 2016 as the third day commences. As we bask in the sun of another beautiful day of KEMT, it’s just one more day for winding up this sports extravaganza. With the suspended classes, we can comprehend that the spectators have amplified exponentially. The day is power packed with a lot of matches for the sports lovers, who want their daily dose of sports drama. Moreover our home team will be displaying their calibre and skill-sets today to mesmerize you people. It’s joyous to watch all Karunyans cheering for both sides with no bias, putting forward the true meaning of sportsmanship. The cheer is what induces the athletes to keep pushing the envelope.
We extend a hearty gratitude to all the players for being a steadfast support in this tournament. Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. Do not be disappointed if you did not make it to the finals. Life always has more in store. Never falter in harnessing your best. If not today, then tomorrow!
We would also wish the best of felicity to all the players out there who are attempting callously to score one auxiliary goal which would bring them the much anticipated win. Currently, the horde is gathered in the new auditorium cheering for the leading team. The match is being perceived by Sister Stella Dhinakaran and Sister Evangeline Dhinakaran as the Chief Guests. The frenzy running through the crowd is a sure booster for the contenders.
The first basketball match of the day between Karunya and SHC ended in a splendid triumph for Karunya with a staggering score of 91–77. Karunyans are undoubtedly ruling the roost in this season. The second match is being held between Karunya and PSG CAS. The match is going on at a high tempo with each running over their opponents. Karunya rallied back with a loss of 28 baskets. PSG CAS emerged out excellently paving way their way to the finals.
If you are still relaxing cosily in your beds then you are definitely missing on something. Rush to the auditorium folks!
Stay tuned for more updates.

Team Impressions

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