The football recapitulation

The football matches had a pretty nice touch to the overall events of KEMT. Missing a point blank shot, the goalkeeper diving for that fast pacing ball; these players were famished from the dribbling and running for the ball that the only thing that they wanted was to score the goal. The wind also was playing its part in the game.
The final whistle marks the end of the 90 minutes of this beautiful game and here are the results:
· PSG Tech, Coimbatore VS Chikkanna Govt. College of Arts and Sciences, Tiruppur : 3–0
· CMS College, Coimbatore VS Dr.Mahalingam College of Engineering, Pollachi: 4–0
· KSR Institute of Engineering and Technology, Trichengodu VS Danalakshmi Srinivasan College, Chennai : 2–0.
· Tamil Nadu College of Engineering, Coimbatore VS Park College of Technology, Coimbatore : 2–3.
· Govt. College of Arts and Sciences, Karunya VS CIET , Coimbatore: 4–0.
· Nazareth College of Arts and Sciences, Chennai VS Bharathiar University, College of Arts and Sciences, Guddalore : 0–4.
· Vivekananda University, Coimbatore VS Sullamussalam Science College : 0–1.
· Sri Krishna College of Technology, Coimbatore VS Muthammayal Arts and Science, Namakal: 1–0.
· Dr. G R Damodharan College of Arts and Sciences, Coimbatore VS DR R.K.S College of Arts and Sciences, Kallakurichi: 7–0.
· Mohammed Jamal College, Trichy VS V.L.B Janakaimal College of Arts and Sciences, Coimbatore: 2–0
· DR. N.G.P Institute of technology VS Andhra Loyola College, Vijaywada : 4–1.
This was just the glimpse of the breath taking experience that we will witness over the forthcoming days.

Team Impressions

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