The game is on!

With the crimson aura of the sun in the Karunyan sky and the zeal of the players bolstered, the day of the tournament commenced. Day 1 of the tournament holds 106 matches starting from 6 AM in the morning to 10 PM in the night. The spirits of all the athletes is undoubtedly at a colossal level with the onslaught of the competition. The anticipation from the masses is indeed proving to be an adrenaline breakthrough for the ones facing the contention.

It’s the advent of a new day and we see the inception of Hockey and Basketball. It’s been going pretty good for the Karunya Women’s Basketball team as they secured a home win. Even the Karunya Men’s Hockey team put the game to bed with an easy win against CIT, Coimbatore. Kabaddi opens up with Ayyandal Janakammal College overpowering Govt. Arts College, Karur in a humbling defeat for the latter. PSG College of Technology owned the hockey match ending with a penalty against Tamil Nadu Agriculture University. Union College won the Hockey match against K S Rangasamy College. The football match between PSG College of Arts and Sciences went in favour of the latter in the event if the former not showing up for the contest.

Operation KEMT has just begun folks, lot more games to be played, much more moments to be cherished, many more spectacles to be unveiled. We promise euphoria and ecstasy for the sports-geeks and the rest alike. The semblance of contention and titillation is in the air, pumping adrenaline into the veins of participants and spreading the hysteria amongst the masses. The excitement is far from over, and we expect the madness to just sprout and spread contagiously. Stay Konnected with as we try to give a lil sneak peek into this amazing event.

P.S. — Our next update is off limits for those on a diet, so if you find yourself associated with this cult; kindly refrain from reading our next post. HAMLET STREET IS COMING!! Food, ahoy!!

Team Impressions

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