The Undying Spirit

The game between PSG and Kerala Varma College was the game of the tournament so far. Two strong sides, with exceptional offensive repertoire faced off in an epic encounter in the Indoor sports complex. The two teams came into the big game with some season form, cruising over their opponents in the previous rounds. The game started with a high tempo. Kerala VARMA came out strongly, getting their shots from downtown spot on. PSG rallied back with glimpses of the brilliance they showed in the previous rounds. The game was going neck to neck till the 3rd quarter when VARMA upped the ante. The boys from Kerala went on a romping 12–0 run to make it a 19 point game. The fourth quarter was a show of basketball excellence from both sides. Varma eventually prevailed in one humdinger of a game, winning it close and clean.

Don’t forget about hockey. Karunya University takes on PSG Tech at 7:30 PM today evening for a throbbing battle of the greats. The seats are waiting for audience to be occupied and the pitch is set for the epic showdown. The karunya women’s team had a humbling defeat by PSG College of Arts and Sciences by an 11–39 finish. But the spirits of our girls have not grown dull as they accepted the failure as another stepping stone to success.

The unending psyche of the contenders proves to be an outrageous force of motivation for their fellow mates and sustains the jovialness of the public.

Team Impressions

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