How I installed Mac OS in VirtualBox in my Ubuntu OS

Screenshot of El Capitan. Source : Wikipedia

Okay, technically, I installed a hacked version of Mac (Macinstosh) OS called Hackintosh OS. Mac OS is a proprietary software that runs only on Apple hardware. So, you can’t install it in non-Apple hardware.

With that info, let’s get on with this pretty short article. Now, why did I even want to use Mac OS ? People who don’t have Mac OS usually want to try out some pretty cool softwares which are run only in Mac OS, or may be build iOS apps for development, or they want to try it out just before buying a Mac Book, or simply want to have a feel of the Mac OS or may be for some reason or the other.

If you want to use Mac OS too, without Apple hardware, you can try Hackintosh OS :)

One way is : You can install Hackintosh OS in your computer and just use it. But I am not sure about dual boots and stuff with Hackintosh OS as one of the OSs. Need to check more on that. But it might as well be possible, just not easy may be. Multiple OS boots are always a pain and have issues if not done right. You can find guides for this in Hackintosh site to install different versions (hacked) of the Mac OSs, like El Capitan, Yosemite or even Sierra.

The other way is : Install Hackintosh OS in your VirtualBox and removing it is as easy as a piece of cake. I was trying to install El Capitan version for my use case — run a particular software for my freelance job. The software was only for Mac and was tested in El Capitan only. And I didn’t want to install a different version and end up with weird bugs relating to not working in those versions, so I just planned to install El Capitan specifically and in VirtualBox only, since that’s an easy temporary install and also, it’s already a pain sometimes, to dual boot my Ubuntu and Windows.

I used this guide to follow the instructions and install. The guide shows how to install in Windows, but it works on Ubuntu too. Just use the VBoxManage command in terminal accordingly, instead of VBoxManage.exe . If the link becomes dead, here’s a PDF version of the guide

There are more guides available online and in Hackintosh site, if you want to install a different version (hacked) of Mac OS.

You can see how I mention every where that Hackintosh OS is a hacked version of the Mac OS. So, how is Hackintosh OS and Mac OS different ? As far as I know, there are not much differences between them. Very small subtle differences ? But I do see some people mentioning about a few possible driver problems in Hackintosh OS. Check out more by Ducking it in DuckDuckGo Search Engine or Googling it :p

So, do check these out before you plan to install Hackintosh OS completely in your non-Apple computer by replacing your existing OS or installing alongside another OS for multiple OS boot.

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