How To Stop Hating Mondays Or Almost Two Months Of Doing Practically Nothing

It is Monday morning, so you are probably at work clicking away in social networks “liking” cute cat pictures or checking your e-mails. You have a big mug of coffee/tea at your side before you are able to face it: you are at work and you have to get some serious stuff done.


Does it sound familiar? Then read on.

This “getting to work thing” is even harder when you are returning from holidays. It doesn’t matter whether you spent a week in London or a month lying on the beaches of Egypt. Your home routine feels not so fulfilling as your holiday had been. It is amazing how one week of active exploring can leave you with such a pleasant feeling of satisfaction. You feel like you have done so much in such a short period of time. And when you get back to “your normal life” it seems kind of slow and uninteresting.


The answer is quite simple: when you go to holiday: you plan to do a lot of things. If you are a working adult you do appreciate your hard-earned vacation days and you make sure to cram in your week all the must-see, must-visit, must do things. So it is no wonder that when you return to your working life that it feels, well, kind of boring.



Actually the one thing you have to do is the most obvious thing. If you don’t like something, do something about it. If you do nothing, don’t complain.

I hate to repeat all this motivational pics and articles but here goes.

If you don’t like your job — find another or start doing something else.

If you don’t like to spend weekends at home feeling that somebody else is leading more fulfilling life than you do, go, engage yourself in something.

You get the idea.

And also remember, if you want succeed in something, whatever it might be you should practice it as much as you can.

Want to learn a language? Make yourself listen to it, watch it, speak it, feel it. If you want to do something you have never done before — start small.

And there is another way of looking at it. What it is that you do the most? Is that spending time in social networks? Or watching a lot of series? Or playing computer games? Whatever it is you will be really good at it because you practice it so much.

So, do you actually want to be world’s best procrastinator or series watching master or computer gamer? If yes, continue, you are on the right way if not, then don’t do it.

It is as simple as that.



First of all I spent a lot of working hours “liking” pictures of beautiful faraway destinations.


I quit my job, bought a one-way ticket to Vietnam, convinced my boyfriend to do the same.

Together we visited so many fascinating places. And I have to constantly remind myself that I am seeing the real thing.

Son Tra peninsula. Source:

We blogged about it from the point of view of stuffed toy. You can read all about it here.


Actually, most of the days I do nothing and I enjoy it.

I know this doesn’t fit with “go out and do stuff” thing with which I started. But I finally realized it is what I want to do for a while. Just to be clear: by “nothing” I mean I don’t work and I don’t travel so actively as I have done at the beginning of this adventure. But I do all the stuff I have meant to do but never had enough time or desire to do such as: writing more, reading even more, learning to code etc etc.

You are probably wondering: And what will they do it when they are out of money?
We will figure something out. The world is full of possibilities and whatever your skills are you can always find a place to work in or to live in. It only takes your desire to do so.

The most important thing is that I do not dread Mondays anymore.

Mũi Né Source:

PS As it was told in Artyom’s last post: there will be no more posts from his point of view. But there will be more blog posts from me and a lot more beautiful photos from Alex.

Important news.

To finally organize myself and motivate you to read, I am starting the project called: “10 things about…”.

These “ten things” will be posted every Monday, 9 am (Moscow time), so you will start your working day and week by learning something interesting. These ten things will be about anything I choose, starting with traveling and ending with dragons. I am only limiting myself to the number of things to write.
First ten things can be found here.

Carpe diem, dudes!

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