So unsure…

I just wrote my first poem. I have never felt motivated to do anything like this before, and when I hit “Publish” I felt really unsure. Even more so than that moment when you typically send something into the great unknown — email, blog post, form submission — whatever it may be.

Do other people feel this way?

I get about 45 seconds of total terror when I send something important. Stomach in knots, looking around the room like I’m somehow cornered. And nobody around me has any idea at all what’s happening, so then I can relax.

Anyway, back to the poem. I just had an overwhelming feeling that I needed to write some words down. And some rhymed. And then they started to make sense — to me, at least. Is that how poetry works for writers? I kind of liked it.

I doubt I’m good at it, but it was my first try!

I have always loved to read poetry, but I don’t know a lot about it. I just know I like things that are kind of stark. Haiku is wonderful. Also always loved Percy Shelley, although I’m not all that familiar with Romantic poetry. I may have been more in love with his lifestyle and circle of friends than his work. Who knows? I think this requires some research.

Like anything that is worthwhile, you probably need to put some work into it. It’s funny, because I think deep down everyone knows that’s the answer to those “How do I…” questions. I have a feeling we will always continue to ask. I just have to finally make a decision to put my nose to the grindstone, put my back into it, press onward. All those other idioms that people say when they are planning to try, but not yet trying. Wish me luck.