The Misunderstood Medicaid Program Behind Yesterday’s Disability “Die In”
Rohmteen Mokhtari

Interestingly, it also costs more per individual to provide services in institutional settings like nursing homes…Kaiser Foundation has data on that fact. For people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, some of whom were no doubt part of the ADAPT demonstration outside McConnell’s office, it costs less to provide supports and services in the community than it does in institutional settings like developmental centers. Yet for many people with disabilities, the government would rather cut their Medicaid funding that supports them in their communities at the expense of providing services and supports in institutional settings at a greater cost…where is the sense to that? And, oh by the way, do these Republican Senators and Congress members know that the consequences of their draconian cuts to Medicaid which provides 90% of the funding for community based services, flies in the face of the Olmstead Decision…do they not know that the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ has prosecuted and won hundreds of cases based on the right to be served in the least restrictive environment appropriate to their needs? Well states cannot provide those services in community settings WITHOUT MEDICAID FUNDING APPROPRIATE TO THEIR NEEDS! Just sayin’!