My Software Development Journey

I have been yearning to join the software development world. I was an Information Technology student up to July this year. As I progressed in my career, I wanted to become a professional software developer. This was faced by some challenges because I had to learn on my own with the assistance of my few friends on the same line of career with me.
The quest to become a professional software developer, faced another hurdle in that we were using the old curriculum to advance in our career. We used some old programming language like Visual Basic 6.0. I became very proficient in them little did I know that the market is dynamic on matters concerning the software development. It is through interacting with my friends that I came to learn that I should adapt to the pace of technology. I joined Computing and Information Technology where I was introduced to languages like PHP and Java. I had an easy time and adapted very well since I had the passion.
It is through this club where I taught my self on how to write smart codes that could solve a problem. As a Secretary-General to the club, we could organise for events such as hackathons and boot-camps. These nurtured me since the invited facilitators were well informed. They taught on the security concerns related to the websites and software.
As a requirement to our course in college, we were to develop a project of our choice and which one was comfortable to deliver within the timeline given. Development was not a big deal since I had managed to do earlier enough. This was easy because I had facilitated the programming learning classes in the club. The challenge was in documenting the and controlling the versions of my project. I was not aware of the Version Control System. Through the Andela curriculum and homestudy, I have managed to learn GitHub and pivotal tracker which has been crucial to getting me through the Challenge 1 of the Bootcamp.

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