Power of Collaboration

It feels fantastic when nature works in your favour. However, it is equally disturbing when you are working virtually with other members of the channel and texts becomes the only way to help each other. In my opinion, one on one talk aids very well in making one understand what you meant. This is because one can express the idea with appropriate gestures and mood.

video call

Today, our LFA requested for a call on hangouts as usual as a way to reach at all of us at once. I find this engagement quite impressive since one can express him or herself freely and use the required intonation. The unique bit of today’s call was that the LFA requested us to use the video call so that we can see each other face. We have been strangers in the channel, but now I bet I each of the members face. I find this quite helpful in that, we can share with friends wherever we meet. Sharing my screen was another exciting bit of today’s call. This helped me to showcase or rather demonstrate whatever I had done on that particular day with ease and within the short time allocated to me.


In my Yummy Recipes app, I have managed to implement the registration and the login functionality together with the tests involved with them. A user can now create an account with the Yummy Recipes app. After registration one can login to the dashboard where he or she finds all the categories of the recipe. I attribute these achievements to Andela as a whole, my LFA (Paul Upendo), other LFA’s Felistas Ngumi and members of the channel. Despite all the challenges, they have encouraged and motivated me. 
I feel that my progress has been quite impressive. As our channel slogan “leave no one behind” has helped us grow together. This has improved one of the Andela EPIC values, Collaboration, in me. I am hopeful that we will make it up to the final level of the Bootcamp.

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