Trump has demonstrated a caricature-like inability to treat people with respect, be it the women he…
Roxy Wacyk

I don’t think this presidency will be good for anybody on the planet. The problem is, too many other people did, and Democrats’ open disdain for the daily issues in the lives of a lot of former Obama-voters got those folks to cross the line this time and vote for Trump. But if Dems and Republicans are both saying “I know how to fix the economy” but Dems are saying “you are iggorant dirty smokers and yard workers and uneducated trailer-dwellers who we don’t have to listen to” and Republicans are saying “I hear you” — guess what? We gave away too many votes, I saw it coming 2 years in advance (because I was visiting a lot of legislative hearings) and unless Democrats learn to go talk to people who are not wearing expensive dove-gray suits, we will give away those votes again in 2018 and the Republicans will be free to gerrymander most of the country for another decade. DON’T let them!