Karyyl, thank you so much for your thoughtful response. You truly helped me to see something new.
Tom Green

Illegal abortions cost 5,000 lives a year back in the day. Anti-smoking advocates claim smoking costs 480,000 lives a year. I think they are exaggerating, it’s only about 200,000. Yet the Democratic “War on Vaping” is promoting the continuation of those 200,000 lives a year. Cigarettes will remain legal, but after Aug 8, 2018, the ONLY choices for vaping (95% safer per the Royal College of Physicians) will be the 5–10 models Big Tobacco can afford to pay $3–5 million to approve. Car seats seem unimportant? That’s the Dems problem — things REAL PEOPLE have to cope with, that disrupt their daily waking lives, are unimportant. Dems have cheerfully made it extremely uncomfortable for several more million people to do errands, delegate child care (car seats), cross a bridge (no cash), go to the park or beach that YOU paid for and take Grandad with you. That means that a lot of voters are reminded of what Republicans took away from us maybe once or twice a year, but are reminded of choices Democrats took away as often as weekly. It’s not about what’s of the most cosmic importance, it’s about what feels like a slap in the face. I’m no longer fertile, and neither (mostly) are my daughters. So “my body, my choice” means other things to me. And I’ve watched Democrats just throw all the scientific proof or public comment in the trash when the “we-know-better-than-you” paid lobbyist Ph.D.’s tell them (while I was sitting in the hearings) that they have no obligation to listen to our verified studies.

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