The latest trend: people are Doing Something.
Tom Green

The “Something” Dems should do is to develop some respect for adults, and start listening to normal people. Yes, a lot of this is the economy, but I’ve watched Democrats pass a lot of laws that are a slap in the face to — more like spitting in the face of — adult dignity and the right to make daily choices about our bodies and lives. Paradoxically, Dems scream “My body, my choice” — but while decrying a GOP tendency to interfere in the bedroom, Democrats have been cheerfully and paternalistically interfering in the other 15 waking hours of the lives of a lot of ordinary people. Requiring 100% compliance with expensive car seats until age 8–9 instead of 5–6 — if you need a ride to airport, just get your chauffeur to drive the family (taxis don’t have those seats.) Have a nic fit? Walk away from the family picnic, get into the car, drive a mile or two away, have your cigarette, come back to the picnic, and hope you can re-park your car. These laws have quote-unquote “unintended consequences” on people with fewer resources than urban professionals — I’m seeing an epidemic of unanticipated consequences in California, starting with a ban on poor people (who depend completely on cash transactions) from crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. But these consequences will keep getting worse as long as Democrats feel the right to micromanage the choices of adults, especially without listening to normal people. And a lot of adults rightly see this as deep and direct disrespect.

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