In Defense Of Trump/Brexit Voters

We also have to stop nannying. California Democrats have recently gone on an orgy of we-know-better-how-you-should-live. 20-year-olds can get blown up by IEDs overseas or go to prison as adults or sign up for a balloon mortgage, but Dems decided their brains are not mature-enough to choose whether to buy tobacco (or to buy vapes to try to QUIT tobacco.) There have been laws requiring expensive car seats for kids up to a much higher age and weight (making carpooling or taking taxies horribly difficult for more years), and laws requiring smoking college students to bolt from campus as soon as they get out of class, laws making it legal in rent-controlled cities to evict people for vaping (which does not leave residue) INSIDE their apartments. A side-effect of demonizing the poor is that it justifies never finding out or considering granting the respect and dignity to let adults run their own lives if they can’t afford Uber and gardeners and babysitters and private colleges.

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