2016 Product Conference Radar

There’s a number of product management or Agile conferences that are on my radar to attend and this post will constantly be updated to reflect as I learn of new ones. I’ve mapped the conferences on a radar in how I see the product manager role and their responsibilities can stretch. Would you segment the radar differently?

Here’s a list and a short summary of all the ones that are on the radar I’d love to attend one day.

  • Product Management and User Research Virtual Conference, February 3
    It’s the intersection between product management and user research as we’re starting to see the two intertwine more and more together. User research doesn’t belong wholly to the user experience/user interface/design team as product managers should understand and know their users just as much as those in the user experience should grow and understand the product as a whole rather than focus on the user’s perspective. Without leaving home or your desk, you can listen to talks from Marty Cagan, Jeff Patton, Jeff Gothelf, Laura Klein, Christina Wodtke, and Tomer Sharon!
  • Habit Summit, Stanford University, March 22
    As a product manager, it’s good to know and learn about consumer habits. This conference looks into developing products that stick. The “Hooked” workshop in SF on March 21st with Nir Eyal also looks pretty interesting.
  • Mind the Product — San Francisco, USA (May 4th) and London, England(September 30th)
    Billed as the conference for “passionate product people” with previous notable speakers and attendees like Marty Cagan, Jeff Patton, Nir Eyal. I first heard about this conference the day of the SF conference last year and it seems to be a well-rounded conference tackling everything from roadmaps and product strategy to feedback, for product managers, product designers and other related roles. This year, the MTP in SF offers 6 optional day-long workshops on May 3rd, the day before the conference, for a separate cost. I’ll be going to the conference portion (SF) this year, will you also be attending?
  • Future Insights Live, Las Vegas, USA, June 
    Coming up on its 5th annual event, Future Insights Live is focused on bringing ideas to push the web forward. Interests range from UX or UI design to web technologies, IoT, Product Strategy, content and branding, and many more.
  • Industry: the Product Conference, Cleveland, USA, September 15th-16th
    A conference about learning and sharing the latest disruptive trends in product development in various industries that include software, consumer packaged goods and healthcare. Industry’s two day conference splits into three tracks: Build, Launch, and Scale where they tackle how organizations apply the new processes and methods to ship disruptive products that modern tech startups use during the product development lifecycle. There’s also an additional workshop component one may purchase to attend. Many enterprises look towards using agile or lean startup practices to help them innovate and disrupt; however, a lot of them encounter challenges as agile and lean startup practices requires organizational change in their culture and breaking the engrained behaviors and attitudes. It would be interesting to see how these organizations have become disruptive.

Which of the above conferences made it onto your radar? Have you been to any that I have listed? I would love to hear about your experience and thoughts and add your voice to the list above! And lastly, do you have any conference suggestions for me?

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