JIRA Challenge 2: Velocity Chart for a Kanban Board

The ASK: 
Generate a velocity chart for a JIRA Kanban board.

The WHY:
We plan to use the velocity report in concert with the cycle time of stories and burn-up chart to understand how the progress and flow of our development.

The velocity chart is only available for the JIRA Scrum board rather than the Kanban board that one of the teams are using. Why? The JIRA Scrum board has sprints and we can easily set when and The I managed to re-purpose an existing report available for the Kanban board to visualize the velocity of the team’s resolution of JIRA issues.

The HOW:

  1. Use the “Time Since Issues Report”
  2. Configure the above report utilizing the project filter and the following report settings:
    Date Field = “Resolved”
    Period = “Weekly”
    Days Previously = “30” 
    Cumulative Totals = “No”
  3. Voila! A velocity report for issues that were resolved in the last 30 days, grouped by weeks.

Our sprints start on Thursdays and end on Wednesdays. The above report considers a week to be Monday to Friday and this doesn’t align with how our sprints are organized. The pre-configured options for period for this report are: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. This means that this report wouldn’t work if our weekly sprints turn into two-week sprints. Let me know if you’ve figured out a way to specifically configure what does a weekly period looks like.

Side Note:
Are there any other reports/charts that you use?