Kas Carpet on Long Island for a New Carpet Look

Kas Carpet on Long Island for a New Carpet Look

Long Island wall to wall carpet

Summer is almost here and it’s time to redecorate your home. You’ve got your heart set on new carpet, however, the prices at the local carpet boutique leave you feeling frustrated. You don’t want to spend your entire remodeling budget on new carpeting alone, you need a more affordable option. The great news is that Kas Carpet on Long Island has affordable wall to wall carpet is the right store for you. Kas always has a great selection of promotion carpets.

The Right Quality

When you buy new carpeting, you want it to last for a while. Invest in quality today, save money in the long run. A quality carpet is less prone to staining and it will hold up better. Kas Carpet on Long Island supplies the quality materials you want in all of your favorite styles. Whether you’re searching for Berber or it’s plush that makes you smile, they have the perfect carpeting for all your needs to make you happy.

Upgrade the Padding

While you want premium carpets for your home, it’s the fluffy padding that really makes a difference. Thick padding will ensure that the carpet feels great under your feet now and in the coming years. You’ll pay a little more for upgraded padding today, but you’ll be glad you did when your carpet continues to look great and feel good year after year. Kas Carpet on Long Island has budget-friendly carpet pads, and they also offer the more luxurious padding that will make your carpet feel even better under your feet.

Next-Day Installation

Once you choose the style and color of your new carpeting for your home, you’ll want it installed quickly. At Kas Carpet on Long Island, you can take

advantage of next day installation services. Their professional staff will provide you with considerate and fast service so you’ll be able to start enjoying your beautiful new carpet in record time.

The Right Prices

Wall to wall residential carpets start at an impressively low prices. Some less than $8.00 a square foot. They have prices that are 40 to 70 percent below ordinary retailers, and they also help you save by offering padding at 50 percent discounts. Also, Kas Carpet has a whole section of promotion carpets to choose from.

Whether you want a deep, rich color for the living room or you’re dreaming of a plush cream for your modern master room, you can find the right carpet for your needs at Kas Carpet on Long Island. With Kas Carpet at your side, you don’t have to give up on installing the plush, soft carpet of your dreams. They’ll help you keep your remodeling project on time, within budget making your dream a reality.

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