Trans Men Are Powerful

A part of my transition is realizing that I am on a path of self discovery. While working on myself, I often think about others. How can I help inspire others? How can I make an impact in my community? And then the opportunity presented itself like it was meant to be. I came in contact with an amazing, inspiring and powerful young man who shared the same vision as myself. We came together and created something empowering and uplifting for our community. Trans Men Are Powerful.

Our name truly speaks for itself, because trans men are very powerful. Especially as a group of trans people of color we stand together united. We are here to show that we have a voice and show that our brotherhood is strong. As our group continues to grow I hope to inspire more and more people who feel alone. This journey is truly hard enough and having the right support system can truly change ones perspective. I am proud to say I am a part of something great and I hope to leave a legacy that will be remebered.

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