So interesting that Val, if she is 14 as she says, reminds me of myself when I was 16 and newly…
Penelope Poole

Isn’t your response the misogynist, and sexist bias that you’re supposedly fighting against?

A fact based, objective, and well written piece, who’s opinion is dissenting from your own. Instead of opening a respectful, healthy dialogue, and exchanging facts and opinions, you chose to discredit the author in any way possible, and mitigate her presentation.

“She can’t REALLY be 14 … She MUST have had help from her elders!”

“She must be white, middle class, privileged and homeschooled …”

“She’s really a middle age man working for Trump!”


Someone with a fact based opinion that differs from your own, makes some very valid points, and you automatically suggest that they’re not really who they claim to be, or that they had help.

Ask yourself this, why do you feel the need to take Val down, is it so that you yourself may rise up?

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