Social Media Mini Promotion

By researching best practices when it comes to Social Media you learn the best way to captivate possible customers. I looked at The Basics: Twitter 101. This site breaks down Twitter practices by what works best for your business, content strategies, and much more. This website takes you through how to make a profile, how to gain and find followers, and how to develop a content strategy.

When looking at your content strategy it should include things like listening and learning, driving awareness, providing customer service, and connecting with influencers. Those are the important parts to include within your content strategy. It is best to develop one that works specifically for your company’s needs.

In the later parts of this presentation I will show you what I think the best content strategy would be for this company.

Content Strategy

When looking at the best way to promote personal projects about things such as analyzing the left-brain — right brain theory, we should look at the best way to captivate people on social media.

Using Twitter allows for images and easy links to projects. By using catchy copy and asking questions while providing a link to the project, it will be easier to draw people in versus just explaining the project in 140 characters.

The content strategy that I chose to use dealt with designating different days of the week to a certain genre of content like promoting projects, glimpses into behind the scenes, and other things that deal with exposing personal projects.

Our content strategy will include the following:

· Monday’s: Personal Promotions

· Tuesday’s: Behind the Scenes

· Wednesday’s: “Best of” Projects

· Thursday’s: Target Specific Followers

· Friday’s: Feature News

· Saturday’s: Link to Interviews

Example of Friday Tweet

I tweeted based on the Friday guideline, which said to feature industry experts or news. Since the project I am promoting is new, I thought it fell under the news section. Monday is also a day to post something along these lines because it strictly deals with promotions for the company or project that you work for or are working on. I tried to focus on catchy tweets that were short and easy to read. I also made sure I linked the project within the tweet itself to increase the chances of people clicking on it. I thought that Manny’s project was great and I found it really interesting so it wasn’t difficult to come up with catchy phrases to draw in readers.

I comprised this tweet thinking about what causes me personally to click on a particular post. I like questionnaires and links so I included a question that would compel the audience to click on the post and I also included the direct link to his project. I think people will be curious about the left brained versus right brained scenario and will click on the project more often than not.

Example of Wednesday Tweet

The next tweet I comprised dealt more with striking the musically inclined and music lovers within the audience. As you can tell from the screen shot I explicitly mention the guitar portion of the project. I think that using something specific can draw in a specific area of the audience that currently follows me on twitter. I think Manny’s friends were drawn to it because they know he is musically inclined, but I also think people who would not have clicked on the previous tweet would click on this one simply because it is something to listen to. I have not met anyone who doesn’t like music so reaching out using that lens I think works well for the project and the platform. Also in the tweet pictures below, I used the emoji to catch the readers’ eye. By using an icon it stands out more on twitter feeds versus just words.

Also when I looked up best practices one of the first sentences mentioned how tweets were like face-to-face encounters with customers and your audience. Twitter is like an ongoing dialogue so to me that come off as the more you mention something specific, the more people are going to notice it because then it is intertwined throughout your entire twitter conversation.

Other Social Media Platforms

Twitter is a good first step for promoting personal projects but another social media platform can be used to enhance what Twitter already provides. You can create a Vine account and take a short video of parts of the project. This works especially well with projects that involve a musical aspect so you can show viewers about the project without them reading the entire thing. If the 6 second clip is interesting to them, they are more likely to click on the actual project. To move forward with promoting on social media, the inclusion of Vine would be the next move.

In Conclusion

By starting the social media promotions on Twitter, you are able to intrigue followers quickly. Also by starting the promotions using character limits helps interns and employees learn how to get to the point. The next platforms that would work for this same sort of promoting would be Vine and Pinterest. If you want to stick with the “short and sweet” kind of theme within the promotions. After a while, you can expand the promotions onto Facebook and link all of the platforms together.

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