Yesterday, I took my zillionth pregnancy test. It was negative… again.

Black woman holding a pregnancy test with an upset expression.

At this point, I’m not sure how I’d feel to actually see those coveted two vertical lines. Not sure I ever will.

I’ll be 40 this year. It feels metaphysical to type that, to accept the reality of that fact. In a million ways I still feel like a kid…

Unpopular opinion: I hate Christmas.

Hear me out. I realize hate is a strong word to use. Perhaps, it’s too strong a word. Let’s just say: I’m not a fan. I wouldn’t dare try to convince you to feel the way I do, but please… allow me to explain.

Before I get into my rather…

Not to brag, but my family is pretty awesome. My older cousin has a daughter that just turned 16. In her boundless wisdom, she asked a handful of women in the family to write a letter to her daughter outlining things we’d say to our 16-year-old selves. I was honored…

At 78 years old, my grandmother turned heads like Dorothy Dandridge. She walked six miles a day; every day and ate a healthy, low-fat diet. Her waistline rivaled that of a teenager and the whole world was her catwalk. She didn’t walk — she sashayed. She had the confidence of…

Kasey May

Lover of the Almighty, well-wielded words, tight harmony, titillating conversation, potatoes, a clean house, thoughtfulness, and the Oxford comma.

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